Original Bosnian product

It’s simple with Ovako...

Ovako products are produced from the raw materials of highest quality and in accordance with high quality standards. One of their features is that they can be consumed daily, as an individual product or in combination with other foods. We are proud to present you a wide range of products prepared according to the traditional Bosnian recipes, with a supreme combination of meat and spices.



High nutritional value and low fat content are the basic characteristics of chicken meat. Due to such nutritional properties, it is recommended in everyone's diet, even in low-calorie diets. Ovako Chicken is produced according to the highest standards - with a strictly controlled diet of chickens we produce ourselves, guaranteed without additives, hormones and any other ingredients that could have a detrimental effect on human health. Our chicken meat is made according to EU standards.
Frozen food is no less valuable than the fresh one if it is frozen using the industrial fast-freezing method. This frozen programme offers a range of products frozen in just such the way, and our loyal consumers will savour it.